CEPE - Coordenação do Ensino da Língua Portuguesa no Canadá

Resultados Concurso de Português das Escolas Secundárias do Ontário

Saiba quem foram os vencedores da terceira edição do Concurso de Português das Escolas Secundárias do Ontário.


The third Ontario Secondary Schools Portuguese Contest took place Monday, May 14th, 2012, at
York University. Under the leadership of Co-Chairs Jennie Lopes and Jimmy Steele and the support of
dedicated secondary school teachers and university faculty, the event was a great success!

The goal of the event is to promote the Portuguese language and cultures and histories of the Lusophone
world among students of Lusophone heritage and students of Portuguese as a Second/Third Language.

Fifty-three students from seven schools in three school boards participated in six different language tests,
putting their listening, reading, speaking and writing skills to the test, along with their knowledge of
grammar and the cultures of the Lusophone world.
The results are as follows:

Beginner (A) 1. Caitlyn Carreiro – St. Augustine C.S.S. (DPCDSB)
Beginner + (A+) 1. Ana Lúcia Almeida – St. Augustine C.S.S. (DPCDSB)
Intermediate (B)
1. Ana Sousa – St. Mary's C.S.S. (TCDSB)
2. Victor Fernandes – St. Mary’s C.S.S. (TCDSB)
3. Stephanie Baptista – St. Augustine C.S.S. (DPCDSB)
Honourable mention: Miguel Alves – Archbishop Romero C.S.S. (TCDSB)

Advanced (C)
1. Pedro Charneca – St. Mary's C.S.S. (TCDSB)
2. Vítor Miranda – St. Mary's C.S.S. (TCDSB)
3. Paulo Araújo – St. Mary's C.S.S. (TCDSB) Honourable Mention: Diana Ferreira Santos – St. Mary’s
Honourable Mention: Jessica da Silva – Dante Alighieri Academy (TCDSB)
Honourable Mention: Pedro Neves – Archbishop Romero C.S.S. (TCDSB)

Advanced + (C+)
1. José Cardoso Lima - St. Mary's C.S.S. (TCDSB)
2. Inês Miranda da Cruz – Archbishop Romero C.S.S. (TCDSB)
3. Jessica dos Santos - St. Mary's C.S.S. (TCDSB) Honourable Mention: Mónica Gomes – St. Mary's C.S.S.
Honourable Mention: Kevin dos Santos Vitória – St. Mary’s C.S.S. (TCDSB) Honourable Mention: Cátia
Neto – St. Mary’s (TCDSB) Honourable Mention: Eduarda Duarte – St. Mary’s (TCDSB) Honourable
Mention: Amanda Silva Ferreira – St. Mary’s (TCDSB) Honourable Mention: Sandro Magina – Central
Commerce C. I. (TDSB)

Raffled items:
Flight to Portugal from SATA: Mónica Gomes – St. Mary’s C.S.S. (TCDSB)
iPad – Claudia Cordeiro: Escola Portuguesa Novos Horizontes
$25.00 gift card: Pedro Neves – Archbishop Romero C.S.S. (TCDSB)

Sincere thanks to our generous sponsors and supporters:
York University (Department of Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics; Portuguese Studies), Toronto
District School Board (TDSB), SATA Airlines, Ontario Modern Languages Teachers’ Association (OMLTA),
Consulado-Geral de Portugal em Toronto; Entre Voc/zes Panel; Labourer’s International Union of North
America (LIUNA), Nova Era, Portuguese Bookstore; Milénio; OMNI TV; Toronto Catholic District School
Board (TCDSB), I Am Future, and York University Portuguese Association (YUPA).

Contest day staff were Professor Maria João Dodman (York University), Dr. José Pedro Ferreira
(University of Toronto), Lina Franco (TDSB), Jennie Lopes (TCDSB), Anabela Melo (TDSB), Alda Nunes

(DPCDSB), Dr. Rita Rolim (York University), Mena Silva (TCDSB), and Jimmy Steele (TDSB). Contest day
York University student volunteers were Inês Catarino, Andrea Coelho, Jessica Cunha, Stephanie Jorge,
and Sarah Lopes.

Best wishes to all! Parabéns!
Jennie Lopes and Jimmy Steele (Co-Chairs)